Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What to do with leftover cheese rind

When you buy Parmesan cheese from the store, don't throw out the rind. There are a lot of good uses for it to help boost flavors in all different ways. See below some of the ways you can use Parmesan cheese rind.

You can store them in your refrigerator for a few weeks, or freeze them for a few months.

1. Add them to soup, such as Minestrone or stew to impart flavor. Discard before serving.

2. Add them to tomato sauce for flavor. Discard before using.

3. Place them in a jar with olive oil and herbs or garlic for Parmesan infused oil.

4. Place rinds in the pot when cooking risotto, rice or broth.

5. If the rind has no wax, you can grill them until soft and chewy and place them on crusty Italian bread.


  1. Should they be stored in the freezer for long term storage?

    1. You can store the leftover cheese rinds in a zip lock bag in the freezer for 6 months to 1 year.