Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My favorite baby products

I have gone through some major milestones in my life over the past 3 years. I got engaged in 2009, moved into a house shorty after, got a dog, got married in 2010 and had a baby in 2011. During the many celebrations, I was fortunate to have bridal showers and baby showers, which all required a registry. Registering for my new baby girl was so much fun and I enjoyed every minute of it.
When you walk into a store such as Buy Buy Baby, its easy to get overwhelmed with products and its hard to know what you need and what is a waste of money.

 In my experience, this is what I have found to be useful to me and baby Layla from ages newborn to 5 months old.

1. Sleep Sacks: Layla was born in August, right before the cooler weather. These sleep sacks are a must for me because she is not allowed to sleep with a blanket and they keep her nice and warm at night. I recommend getting one with sleeves and one without.

2. Swing- The swing was the best product I had when Layla was born until she was around 4 months old. It would put her right to sleep. Now that she is a little older, it still is a good place to put her when I cannot keep my eye on her every minute, however, she seems to be more impatient about sitting still and tries to sit up and get out. Now I put her in the jumperoo and it entertains her a bit more.

3. Baby carrier-I have both the baby Bjorn and the EGRObaby. I like them both, although I find the Egro to be a little more comfortable for me and my husband prefers the Bjorn. They both serve their purpose and keep the baby nice and warm in the cooler months.

4. Breast pump- If you have to splurge on one item, this is the item to buy. I recommend Medela Pump In Style Advance. Being able to pump gives you a lot of freedom.

5. Baby Bullet System- This product makes it very easy if you are planning on making your own baby food. I recommend getting the Baby Bullet will the storage containers.

Other products that I find useful:
-Pajamas with zippers- I find it easier than trying to find all the buttons in the middle on the night
-Diaper Pale- I recommend the Dekor Plus, make sure to buy extra bad refills
-Bouncer- I think the best bouncer to get is one that has something entertaining for the baby, such as lights or a mobile.
-Bassinet- I love having the baby next to my bed the first few months. This bassinet was really nice:

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