About Me

About Sous Chef Baby

I am Ali, a lover of baking and cooking for my family and friends. This is Sous Chef Baby, where I share great recipes for adults and translate them into recipes for your little one.

I live on Long Island with my husband Tom, our dog Bela and our newest addition, our baby girl, Layla. 

On this blog I will be posting my favorite recipes for all different occasions, along with how to instructions and photographs. In some cases, I will then create a recipe for your baby using the ingredients from the adult version. 

As a foodie, I would like my daughter to grow up experiencing a healthy diet with all different flavors, some she may love and others she may not...we will see soon enough!

Why the name Sous Chef Baby?... The definition of sous chef is: The next in command after the
executive chef.  Pronounced “sue,” sous means “under” in French.  While I am cooking in my
kitchen, I ALWAYS have my dog laying under my feet and my daughter swinging next to me.

 I call them my little Sous Chef's...