Friday, June 29, 2012

The best donuts in America

If your not familiar with Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, it's a show on the food network where they check out places around that U.S. that serve really great food. If I were to host this show for one day I would travel to Wells, ME and show America where to get a great american breakfast with the best donuts you'll ever eat.

The place is Congdon's. They have the best donuts in the entire country. They are way above the level of any Krispy Creme or fancy donut shop in NYC. These are classic melt in your mouth fluffy donuts in everyone's favorite flavors.

My family has been going to this place for the past 22 years. A tradition in the family is my dad will wake up at 6am and stand online to get the donuts fresh out of the oven. When we wake up in the morning, there is a dozen warm donuts waiting for us outside our hotel room, in the white and green box. He walks out of the place with at least four dozen!  My personal favorite is the classic glazed donuts. They dissolve the second they hit your tongue.

Some of the family favorites are sugar raised, chocolate frosted and the rare maple frosted.

As we head to our favorite vacation spot this summer I will be experiencing my first gluten free trip to Maine. No donuts? To cheat or not to cheat.... If I were to ever cheat on this diet it would be with one of these donuts... no pie, no scones, no muffins, there is nothing else that compares.

I hope you'll get to visit this place on your travels.

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