Thursday, February 16, 2012

Introducing meat to baby

I went for Layla's 6 month doctors visit today. It's time to start introducing meat into Layla's diet. There is something about pureed meat that just seems unappealing, right? I figured it would be a little more appetizing if I made the meat myself. Something about jarred meat puree, just seems wrong! To try to make this the most enjoyable for my little one, I will combine the meats with some of her favorite vegetables. If she is anything like her dad, she will be a meat and potatoes kind a girl!

At the doctor's visit I was surprised to find out that Layla is able to eat a lot more foods than I thought she could at this age, such as soft foods like pancakes, muffins etc.. The doctor said it's safe to give her most food with the exception of shellfish, raw honey, scrambled eggs and anything she can easily choke on. She mentioned that it is okay to mince up whatever Tom and I are eating for dinner, letting her try some. I am excited about this. I can also start giving her lunch and introducing a little yogurt into her diet.

When starting baby on meat, here are some of the baby "super" foods:

Chicken: Provides lean protein to support growth
Beef: Top source of iron and vitamin B12 used to build new cells
Lamb: High in iron and B vitamins, also high in zinc which supports a healthy immune system.
Turkey: High in selenium with boosts immune system and helps with cell growth and development. Dark meat turkey is a good source of iron.

Here is a video of Layla trying broccoli for the first did not go over well. She also tried a little chicken last night but is not quite use to the texture yet. We will try again soon. 

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