Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Whats on my DVR?

If there is a food show on television, it is most likely taped on my DVR. Besides the Ellen Show, cooking shows and competitions are the only thing I like to watch on TV. Well, that and Revenge, Parenthood, Modern Family, The Office, Grimm and Greys Anatomy :)

At the moment, my favorite shows are: Chopped, Top Chef, Best Thing I Ever Ate, Worst Cooks in America, Barefoot Contessa, Travel Channels: No Reservations and Bizarre Foods.
There is a rule in our house (given by my husband Tom) if I am going to make him watch food shows, I have to cook a big dinner with a lot of meat. In other words, soup and salad night means no food TV at night. I will admit watching these shows will make you drool.

The other day we were watching Bizarre Foods America. The episode was all about the food in Charleston, South Carolina. Andrew Zimmerman (host) was eating at a farm to table restaurant McCrady's and the food looked amazing. Coincidentally, my parents we on their way to Charleston a week later. I told them to make reservations at this restaurant. They said the food was outstanding. I am looking forward to trying this restaurant in the future.

A quick warning, not all the places they recommend on these shows have been a success. I sent Tom to a burger place in the city (Pop Burger) because I saw it on one of these shows. He was disgusted by the burger and had to throw most of it away. For those of you who know Tom, that burger had to be pretty bad. Its all part of the fun, trying these places, some good, some bad.

Here are a few pictures from their dinner.

Salad of Killed Baby Spinach, Pickled Quail Egg,
Crispy Potato, and Virginia Sorghum
Roasted Beets and Ambrose Strawberries Lettuces,
Almonds, and Anise

Duo of Berkshire Pork Cabbage Roasted in Embers,
Beet and Ginger

Duck, Aged and Roasted on the Bone, 
Pine Nuts in the style of Risotto, Turnips and Arugula

Dark Chocolate Ganache, Wadmalaw Pine,
Malted Milk and Barley

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