Monday, March 25, 2013

Guest Post from Attic Lace: D.I.Y Easter Egg Holders

Today we have a special guest post from my friend Sarah. Check out her blog Attic Lace where she shares beautiful D.I.Y projects, recipes and more... 

Today's post is all about Easter decor. I am so excited to try this project for my Easter brunch table. Thanks Sarah for the great idea! 

"I've really been enjoying seeing the ways that people have been reusing old plastic Easter eggs lately. I had a few laying around here also, so I decided it would be fun to reuse them to make some cute little egg holders for my real Easter eggs this year! I decided to make three of them, two of the same and one different. The two that are the same each use a top and a bottom of an egg, and the different one uses two tops (making it little taller). So I got together 4 plastic "tops" and 2 "bottoms". Then I gave them all two coats of white paint.  (I used craft acrylic paint, but you could spray paint them instead if you'd like)"

" After the paint dried, I used Krazy glue to attach the halves of the eggs together, end to end. Then I used a little more white paint to touch up any spots where the glue was visible."

"When everything was good and dry, I used some thin ribbons, trimmings, and tiny flowers to add a little sweetness to my new egg holders (I used a bit of hot glue here). This was the fun part:) I even used some gold paint to make a little scalloped pattern on my tall egg holder. The decorating possibilities are really endless here, you could even do family initials on each!"

"When I was all finished, I used a bit of Spanish moss to stuff the tops, to make little "nests" for my eggs! You could use Easter grass or crinkle-paper here too...."

"I had such a great time making these, and I hope you do too! It's nice to be able to give something old a new purpose once in a while! I'm so happy I got the chance to stop by today! Thanks Ali!